About Me

About Me

About Me

From a very early age, I have always had a love for art and went on to study art & design at Greenhill College in Harrow. Here I was able to study photography and also evolve my ideas.

Growing up, I vividly remember drawing my first detailed picture of my nan in pencil, referring to a black and white photo that my mum had framed within the home.  It took me hours, but I would not put the pencil down until it was at a good place to stop and start again the next day. My first Sunday job, at a Bakery in West Hampstead, meant I had a few pennies to nip across the road to the record shop, crack open the Dansette when I got back home, and recall being in my bedroom for hours, sketching front covers of 45", whilst listening to music.

Reaching my early 20’s, I got my first proper desk job at a Design & Marketing Agency in Production, but being creative, never got the break, that I had hoped for.

I always had an interest in home decor and interior design and love unusual and innovative ways of thinking when it comes to the home and how to dress it.

Dabbling once again in photography and design, I started printing a few designs on fabric across a decade, but never got that far with things. Whether this was because of financial circumstances, gathering positive emotional energy from life’s setbacks and starting a family in my late 30’s, I was slightly frustrated to how I was going to evolve my ideas further...and when. I felt time ticking on!

Putting my thinking shade on.

Putting my thinking shade on.

50 shades of wahey!

50 shades of wahey!

Me, my husband and little girl have lived in Oxfordshire for 12 years, and I have received so much support from them both, as well as from like-minded friends. They have shown they believe in me, that I should believe in me, to now kick start my passion, and make it real.  I never thought it would take the form of lampshades, but as my designs work well on them, I decided to go for it!

A dear friend once said, that if you are here to create, then that is what you need to do.  Forget the rest, about how it works, but if it does, well then that is a bonus.

So here I am. Taking the bull by the horns and looking right up its nostrils!

And finally, a BIG thanks to:  Alison Dunn, for listening and advising me daily, having the belief that I could take my designs further; Suzi Attree, for giving me my first gig, knowing I was frustrated artist.  Producing designs to support a writers competition, organised by the Oxford Writers House website; Wendy Stephens and Anita Arora for all their creative support over many years; my husband and his team for this fab website; and of course my family for letting me use the dining room table for my creative projects (which you may get back one day).

Abingdon Marina & St Mary's, Oxford

Twinning of two neighbouring places - Abingdon & Oxford. A twisted tree root and church staircase.

The Radcliffe Camera (Bodleian) & Nuffield College, Oxford

Two photographic images intertwined of The Radcliffe Camera (Bodleian) & Nuffield College, Oxford.

Ice Cream & Whitstable Oyster Shell

An ice-cream sat inside a Whitstable Oyster shell! Who would have thunk it? Make mine a 99!

Whitstable Harbour, Nets & Aggregates Building

A Fishermans net and aggregates building along the Whitstable Harbour.


All fabric and components are sourced and supplied from manufacturers also based in the UK.