About Me

About Me

About Me

About Me

Since a young age, I've always loved shapes, colour and drawing.  The natural curiosity within my pattern designs, is a reflection of how I think. That my thoughts and ideas are always moving, evolving, changing and rebuilding.  

Creative Thinking

I've always had an interest in my surroundings and a love for unusual and innovative ways of doing things. 

Studying art and photography at college, was my first stepping stone into realising how much I love nature and architecture and using my photography within fabric design stems back to nearly two decades ago. My early works involve drawing subjects in complete form, then zooming in and picking a section to create abstract drawings.Later, I discover that I would use my photography to create patterns.

Here is where the home décor journey begins and long may it keep on evolving...

Putting my thinking shade on.

Putting my thinking shade on.

50 shades of wahey!

50 shades of wahey!

Tellin' Stories

I see my fabric designs as conversation pieces.  They tell stories and connect us to a place, a memory and where we live.  Equally, you can enjoy these designs as they are; the patterns, colour and their ambiguity. 

Pop over to my Etsy shop to buy any of the light shades, here on this site which also includes other items, such like cushions, unframed fabrics and home décor bundles.

And finally...Shout Outs! To Alison Dunn, for listening and advising me daily, having the belief that I could take my designs further; Suzi Attree, for giving me my first gig, knowing I was a frustrated artist and giving me the opportunity to produce to designs to support The Oxford Writers House Essay competition; Wendy Stephens and Anita Arora for all their creative support over many years; my husband and his team for this fab website and of course my family for letting me use the dining room table for my creative projects (which you may get back one day).

Abingdon Marina & St Mary's, Oxford

Twinning of two neighbouring places - Abingdon & Oxford. A twisted tree root and church staircase.

The Radcliffe Camera (Bodleian) & Nuffield College, Oxford

Two photographic images intertwined of The Radcliffe Camera (Bodleian) & Nuffield College, Oxford.

Ice Cream & Whitstable Oyster Shell

An ice-cream sat inside a Whitstable Oyster shell! Who would have thunk it? Make mine a 99!

Whitstable Harbour, Nets & Aggregates Building

A Fishermans net and aggregates building along the Whitstable Harbour.


All fabric and components are sourced and supplied from manufacturers also based in the UK.