How a lampshade is made

How a lampshade is made

How a lampshade is made

I view my designs as works of art, making theses lampshades unique. They are not your typical repeating patterned fabrics you would see on most soft furnishings - they tell a story.  

The journey of each one is made with loving care, from start to finish. 

Close up of finishing lampshade.png


I then play around with the composition of the images and then merge, mirror, and flip to create a kaleidoscopic repeating pattern, until I am happy with the final design.

As well as photographing places I love, I am starting to think about illustration and concepts.  This has already started to emerge with my ice-cream lampshade. Expanding on the theme of places that I roam, but also looking at other things I associate with them.

The process starts with capturing something on SLR or iPhone camera, of beautiful surroundings that I am familiar with; that I have walked passed time and time again. Yet, the light, seasons, weather can all of a sudden offer an unusual perspective, that may have gone unnoticed before.

This inspires me to photograph what I see and then create designs from them, using a graphic design package.


Making lampshade image.JPG
The Radcliffe Camera (Bodleian) & Nuffield College, Oxford

Two photographic images intertwined of The Radcliffe Camera (Bodleian) & Nuffield College, Oxford.

Whitstable Harbour, Nets & Aggregates Building

A Fishermans net and aggregates building along the Whitstable Harbour.

Whitstable Beach, Boats & Breakers

Two images combined, of the breakers on Whitstable beach & sailing boats.

Abingdon Marina & St Mary's, Oxford

Twinning of two neighbouring places - Abingdon & Oxford. A twisted tree root and church staircase.


All fabric and components are sourced and supplied from manufacturers also based in the UK.